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TPO Membrane Roofing

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Thermoplastic olefin (TPO) is an energy-efficient roofing membrane (single ply). It has the same benefits that come with PVC and EPDM without the extra costs and drawbacks. TPO roofing happens to be heat resistant and UV resistant – just like EPDM. And TPO is just as weldable by heat as a PVC.

In comparison to most PVC products, TPO serves as quite an efficient and affordable roofing alternative. TPO single-ply membrane systems are comprised of thermoplastic polyolefin, a membrane that contains several different layers: a scrim (fabric center) that is reinforced with polyester, a TPO polymer base, and a top ply-compounded thermoplastic polyolefin.

Fillers that are used to manufacture TPO include the following: wollastonite, metal oxy sulfate, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and talc. Some of the rubbers used to manufacture TPO include EPDM, as well as ethylene-propylene rubber.

TPO Roofing Not Only Accommodates Various Roofing Styles, It Is Economical, Too

One reason TPO roofing is so attractive is the reasonable cost that comes with. TPO provides most of the advantages that come with PVC – including energy efficiency and hot-air weldable seams, but the cost is significantly lower.

TPO is produced to blend in with many structure types, whether it is installed in a commercial, industrial, or residential setting. TPO membranes come in a few different reflective color choices: light gray, black, and white. White roofs aren’t the only way to reduce your energy costs – modern technology allows a variety of TPO roofing membrane colors to look cool and be UV-resistant.

The Durability of TPO Membranes

TPO is resistant to punctures, tearing, dirt accumulation, and mold growth. It’s manufactured to be versatile and flexible enough to permit a building’s settling or movement. TPO membranes that are reinforced can accommodate a structure’s thermal contraction and expansion much more effectively in comparison to other roofing products.

TPO Installation Savings

For the most part, TPO roofing membranes happen to be lightweight and are produced with wide sheets. As such, roofing materials are simpler to install. Further, seams are minimized. This results in direct cost savings during installation.

A Roofing Solution That Is Energy-Efficient

TPO roofing membranes are energy-efficient, making them a good choice for people who wish to reduce their cooling expenses while minimizing their carbon footprint. TPO roofs covering your home or building will maintain a comfortable temperature inside on scorching hot days while keeping air conditioning expenses low.

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