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Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing systems are made with metal tiles or panels. Metal roofs protect residences from harsh weather conditions using durable solutions that minimize the carbon footprint of  homeowners. Metal roofs have 28% recycled content and are capable of reducing energy consumption effectively. Many San Diego homeowners who are environmentally conscious are making a seamless transition to metal roofs.

  • An environmentally friendly roofing solution.
  • A roofing system that is energy efficient.
  • A long-term, valuable investment.
  • A gorgeous selection of styles.

Metal Roofs Are A Valuable Investment That Will Protect You Over The Long Run

Metal roofs provide unparalleled durability. They last between two and three times longer than most other systems. For example, asphalt roofs may need re-roofing after every decade or so.  San Diego metal roofs are capable of lasting more than 50 years. As such, your seam metal roof may be the only one you ever have installed.

Although the initial price for premium standing metal roofs is somewhat costlier than other types of roofing materials, over the long run, you will end up saving money. Metal roofing systems are capable of lasting a lifetime, thereby increasing your building’s or home’s resale value.

Metal Roofing Comes With A Variety Of Styles

It doesn’t matter what type of color, finish, or style your roof currently has  – there is a metal roof style that can match it.

There are no shortages of metal roof styles to choose from – there are even ones that resemble slate, cedar shake, clay tile, shingles, or asphalt. What makes metal superior to those materials is the fact that it can last between two and three times longer, at the very least.

Metal Roof Systems That Are Energy Efficient

Whether they come in dark or light colors, metal roofing reflects heat to minimize cooling loads during the summertime. In the wintertime, they insulate homes just as effectively. Consequentially, your energy bills will be lowered by as much as 40% in certain areas. Contrast that to conventional asphalt shingle roofs.

Energy-efficient metallic roofs keep your business or home protected from the heat and sun. They are capable of lasting a lifetime, ultimately minimizing the money you spend on energy costs when compared to other systems.

Are You Looking for an Environmentally Friendly Roofing Solution?

The minimum amount of recycled content in metal roofs is 25%, making them an environmentally friendly solution.

Metal roofs are completely recyclable, too, once they are removed from a home or building. Other types of roofing materials usually get sent to landfills once removed.

Lastly, the amount of energy that is saved when metal roofs are used can minimize your overall carbon footprint.

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